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What is Encryption?

Encryption is used to protect data from being stolen, changed, or compromised and works by scrambling data into a secret code that can only be unlocked with a unique digital key.At its most basic level, encryption is the process of protecting information or data by using mathematical models to scramble it in such a way that only the parties who have the key to unscramble it can access it.
hat process can range from very simple to very complex, and mathematicians and computer scientists have invented specific forms of encryption that are used to protect information and data that consumers and businesses rely on every day.

Type oF Encryption

Symmetric encryption, also known as a shared key or private key algorithm, uses the same key for encryption and decryption. Symmetric key ciphers are considered less expensive to produce and do not take as much computing power to encrypt and decrypt, meaning there is less of delay in decoding the data. 

The drawback is that if an unauthorized person gets their hands on the key, they will be able to decrypt any messages and data sent between the parties. As such, the transfer of the shared key needs to be encrypted with a different cryptographic key, leading to a cycle of dependency. 

How Encryption Works?

Encryption works by encoding “plaintext” into “ciphertext,” typically through the use of cryptographic mathematical models known as algorithms. To decode the data back to plaintext requires the use of a decryption key, a string of numbers or a password also created by an algorithm. Secure encryption methods have such a large number of cryptographic keys that an unauthorized person can

One early example of a simple encryption is the “Caesar cipher,” named for Roman emperor Julius Caesar because he used it in his private correspondence. The method is a type of substitution cipher, where one letter is replaced by another letter some fixed number of positions down the alphabet. To decrypt the coded text, the recipient would need to know the key to the cipher, such as shifting down the alphabet four places and over to the left (a “left shift four”). Thus, every “E” becomes a “Y” and so on.

Modern cryptography is much more sophisticated, using strings of hundreds (even thousands, in some cases) of computer-generated characters as decryption keys.

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